Table rent

We are a kids' self-service flea market. We take care of the sales, leaving you with only the goods pricing – easy, isn't it!

Nella & Nuttu is selling childrens´ clothes and accessories in good condition. Please bring for sale only clean clothes, the way you would buy them yourself.

Book your table online or by sending an email to 

You can rent a table for minimum 6 days. Additional days possible. if you have more then 4 ikea bags of stuff, we recommend to book atleast 12 days.

After booking you can start pricing your items online if you wish to follow the sales. If not you can just come to the store and print empty pricing tags. The tags made online can be printed also at home. Every way is possible. If you print them home you dont have to come to the store to pay the table. Its enough if you pay at the first rental day.

Please do the pricing online, it will take just a few minutes to finish all your tags. We got stickers, paper and cardboard. With cardboard its very easy to use snap-ons to attach the tag.
Empty stickers cost 1 e. Online priced ones 0,5 e.

The rental starts in the morning but you can also start selling 1 hour before closing the day before.

If your table looks very empty, we send you an e-mail, so you can bring more goods.

We have 4 different kind of tables, and there fore 4 different kind of prices.

Don´t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. You can always send us an email  or the fastest way is to whatsapp us.

Ladies department

We have a separate department only for ladies. You dont need to rent a kids´ table as well. 

The table is small but it also costs only 19 euros per 6 days. Good quality clothes, casual and sporty sell good for reasonable prices. You can assemble the table the way you want.

Make sure you attach the tags properly.

How to contact?

“All inclusive” Package

A busy mom's savior! We are taking the goods you want to sell straight from your home. We price them and take care of the sales for two weeks. We send the money directly to your bank account. Call and arrange pick-up. (195 e/in Espoo). No other charges!

Long-traveler's package

Even if you live further away, the table is still easy to hire. If you have a lot of goods you want to sell, and they do not fit on your table, you can leave them in our backroom, and we will add them to the table when some of the stuff is sold. This service costs 8 euros per week.