Self-service jumble sale for women and children in Espoo

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Self-service jumble sale for women and children in Espoo

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Self-service jumble sale for women and children in Espoo

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Nella & Nuttu is a children's self-service flea market where you can find something for all children big and small. We also have a new women's section.


You can also recycle anything with us, be it clothes, toys, maternity wear and accessories, as long as it's intact and in good condition. Our women's section has an ample array of Finnish brands such as Vimma, Papu, Nosh and Marimekko.

We have two hundred tables chock full of lovely things: shoes, overalls, swimwear, baby bottles, breastfeeding wear, whatever you need! New tables appear every single day!


We also see plenty of well-known brands, including Mini Rodin, Gugguu, Vimma, Nosh, Molo, Mainio, Papu, Bobo Choses, Bang Bang Copenhagen, Polarn o. Pyret and Ticket to Heaven etc.



Recycling is not only fashionable, it's also sensible. Why buy new clothes for children when they can only wear them a few times before growing out of them?  Clothes don't grow with children, and they always need a bigger size.


There are many ways to recycle. The easiest way is to book a table and bring all unwanted items at once to be sold. Pricing your items on the internet is effortless, and you can sell almost anything at Nella & Nuttu. At the children's tables, you can sell kids' clothes, accessories and breastfeeding wear. At the women's tables you can sell women's clothes and home appliances, and why not men's clothes too?


Buy new less, save more!



If you plan your child's needs, you can get everything you need from a flea market. Always 

buy the next size for your stash. Make a list of what you will need for the next month, this way you will only buy what you need and the clothes are ready at the beginning of the next month. 


By buying second-hand, you will save a pretty penny on hobby equipment and outdoor clothes, not to mention indoor clothing, toys, books, games, bandages, hats, rucksacks, helmet hats and maternity wear etc.


Yes! We've got it all!


Pass it on

Lots of clothes end up in the bin. The clothing industry causes as much pollution as air travel and cargo ships together. Each and every one of our actions can change this, and our children will learn that you don't always need to be wearing something new, but we can proudly put on second-hand clothing. By buying good-quality, sustainably clothing, there will always be enough joy for the next user..


Wear second-hand, reduce your carbon footprint!

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